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When you combine our passion and understanding for rending fun with our business experience, you have the makings of a winning franchise program.

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Support from the experts who love the outdoors, built Fractional Toys, and have built other successful businesses.

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Rick Barstow


Fractional Toys was founded by Rick Barstow in 2014 after he saw a need in the market for a full-service, full line of rentable equipment catering to experiencing the outdoors. His extensive experience in boat sales, purchasing, and customer service led him to develop the concept to where it is today! Building his initial pilot location and working with a satellite location gave him the experience and knowledge to scale the business and bring it to life as a franchise in 2023.

The moment you meet Rick, you’ll feel an immediate sense of connection -- as if you’ve known each other for years! The passion he brings to his business, and now each franchise location, is unmatchable. As is the experience and knowledge he’s gained while being in your shoes as a business owner. He’s excited to share in your dream of becoming a business owner as you become a franchisee of Fractional Toys.

Tenille Meyer Photo

Tenille Meyer

VP of Operations & Systems

Tenille has spent the last 10 years in Fortune 100 Enterprise sales, operations, and technology, all the while also helping build Fractional Toys into the successful business we are today. As our VP of Operations & Systems, she assists in leading systems training and logistics and is incredible in the preparation and promotion of our business at various events.

With over 30 years of experience in sales, Tenille brings a rich and diverse set of industry knowledge and experience to our team. She has been a key contributor in the creation of our various business systems and processes and continues to find ways to streamline and automate to improve our employee and customer experience.

Tenille graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Ball State University and a master’s degree from the University of Phoenix. She enjoys camping and most outdoor activities with her boyfriend, Rick, and Australian Labradoodle RZR (“Shop Dog”), as well as fun trips and activities with friends and family. Adrenaline driven adventures and personal development are at the top of her list in her spare time!

Bob Chelberg Photo

Bob Chelberg

Franchise Director

Bob has spent the past 28 years in the franchise industry as a franchisee, as well as an Area Developer and Director of Franchising under four different brands: Disc Go Round, CD Warehouse, Sport Clips Haircuts, and Social Indoor Advertising. He is currently leading the development of the Fractional Toys franchise.

Since 2007, he acted as the Area Developer, as well as a Franchisee in the Sport Clips Haircuts system. Sales, training, and overall market development were the primary focus; real estate, marketing, operations, compliance, and various others were under his team's responsibility as they supported the market growing from zero to fifty locations in just under nine years and grew their own store holdings to sixteen stores.

From 2019 to 2022, Bob led the development of the Social Indoor franchise, launching in late 2019. His team developed legal and support documents, systems, sales, pipeline management, onboarding, and training of all new franchisees. Social Indoor grew to fifty markets in eighteen states under his tenure. Bob is married with two daughters and enjoys traveling, reading, fishing, tennis, and time with friends and family.


  • Strategic guidance on your location, including site selection, construction, fixtures and equipment, signage, supplies, inventory, and tools
  • Comprehensive initial and ongoing training at our Fractional Toys corporate headquarters, via video, phone, including day in life and classroom.
  • 1 on 1 business plan reviews to create a plan for initial fleet, managed growth, and goal and milestone setting.
  • Vetted list of qualified vendors to supply everything from signage to Fleet.
  • Confidential manual sets including Franchise, Operations, Software, and quick reference guides.
  • Proven software for Fleet management, Reservations, POS and Credit Card processing and reporting.
  • Marketing support form the experts placing current advertising and guidance from our franchise team.
  • Continuous support and training from our team at Fractional Toys. They have been doing it successfully for years from 3 pieces of rental inventory to todays 70+.

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