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When you combine our passion and understanding for rending fun with our business experience, you have the makings of a winning franchise program.

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Support from experts who love the outdoors, and built Fractional Toys plus other successful businesses.

Build your Outdoor Power Equipment Franchise with the Best Team and Tools to Succeed!

  • Strategic guidance on your location, including site selection, construction, fixtures and equipment, signage, supplies, inventory, and tools.
  • Comprehensive initial and ongoing training at our Fractional Toys corporate headquarters, via video, phone, including day in life and classroom.
  • 1-on-1 business plan reviews to create a plan for initial fleet, managed growth, and goal and milestone setting.
  • Vetted list of qualified vendors to supply everything from signage to fleet.
  • Confidential manual sets including franchise, operations, software, and quick reference guides.
  • Proven software for fleet management, reservations, POS and credit card processing and reporting.
  • Marketing support from the experts executing our marketing + advertising strategies custom to each market, plus guidance from our franchise team.
  • Continuous support and training from our team at Fractional Toys, which has been doing it successfully for years, growing from 3 pieces of rental inventory to over 70+ today!

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