How long does the membership last?

Memberships are annual and start on a rolling calendar.

What are the age limits?

All members must be at least 25 years of age due to insurance requirements. Members are required to follow all manufacturer recommended ages to operate all equipment.

How are points allocated?

As agreed and defined by each individual Membership Agreement, a set number of points are allocated per each membership level.

Do points expire?

For the duration of the membership agreement, points will not expire. Unused points will roll over year to year for Silver level and above if the member renews their agreement at the same level or above.

What if I want more points during the year of the membership?

Points can be purchased a la carte to supplement the annual allocation of points based on the Membership Agreement.

Can I sell my points or transfer points to another person?

Only at the discretion of Fractional Toys, it may be possible to transfer points to another qualified prospective new member and/or to another current member’s account.

How do I reserve toys?

Members can reserve online, via email, in person or over the phone.

How long is a day?

For our boats in slips, a day is considered from sun up to dusk. Any toy being picked up at our Clubhouse, pick up is generally after 1 pm. Drop-offs are before noon.

Are there any maintenance or cleaning fees?

No – we do not charge any other fees, it’s included in your membership.

Does Fractional Toys provide insurance?

Fractional Toys offers insurance for Motorhomes only through MBA insurance. Insurance for all other toys may be secured through your personal agent, if eligible, otherwise the unit’s damage is subject to the security deposit, and/or if repairs are beyond the security deposit, or if the unit is considered totaled. In this case, the customer will be required to pay the value of the unit and any future rentals Fractional Toys is committed to during the down time and replacement of the unit.

Is the fuel full when I pick it up?

Every units is full of gas upon pick-up and should be returned full.

What is expected before I return a toy to the Clubhouse or slip?

We ask that you pick up after yourself and return units in the condition they left. We handle topping off the propane and will empty septic tanks for no charge if you haven’t done so prior to return. These are some of the many perks of being a member!

What happens if I do not know how to operate a toy?

Fractional Toys will provide training for all of our toys. A proper orientation is provided for each initial check out. After that, your toy will be standing tall, ready for pick up per your pick-up time.

Does Fractional Toys provide financing?

Fractional Toys offer various payment arrangements to fit all needs. No outside financing is needed. For a small monthly payment, Fractional Toys provides you year-’round access to the latest and best brands in the industry!

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