Why Join

Why Join Fractional Toys Membership?
Because we get you outdoors!

  • Many clubs say don’t buy, don’t own… We’ll be the first to tell you that you should buy whatever you are going to use the most! We can help with the rest of your outdoor toy needs.
  • And if you’re not ready to buy or own we can help you with rentals, memberships, or with buying one of our pre-owned units.
  • Nobody else can take you through the entire buying experience like us!!!
  • No more inconvenient schedules of rental companies, high prices, and lack of flexibility.

Why share through our membership programs?

  1. Variety: Over 80 different toys to choose from – all year ‘round.
  2. Quality: We only buy the best – No maintenance, no hassles.
  3. Convenience: Pick up any time at our clubhouse, or jump in a boat in one of our private slips.
  4. Value: All the fun… Fraction of the cost! No one offers more value than Fractional Toys!

A Fractional Toys membership gives you all the benefits of owning your own recreational toy(s) for a fraction of the cost. We offer five unique membership options designed to give you the opportunity to get out and enjoy the lifestyle. As a Fractional Toys member, you will have access to a range of package options to fit your needs. Our membership levels work on a point system, so you know what you're getting and what you're paying for. This system allows you to have an unlimited number of recreational toy combinations and gives you the freedom to choose how you want to use them. Visit our membership page to learn more about our five membership package options.

Our plans include:

  • Club Level - 230 points (Sold Out)
  • Silver Level - 560 points
  • Gold Level - 800 points
  • Gold Elite Level - 990 points
  • Platinum Level - 1,220 points

Don’t Worry About Cancellations

Weather can change in an instant, but as a member, you won’t have to stress about unexpected weather. If stormy weather, heavy winds, or a freak snowstorm decide to visit our state, you can change your plans last minute to use a recreational toy best suited for the day. For example, if high winds cause a “small craft advisory” to be issued for your nearby lake and you can’t take out the boat or jet skis, you can instead enjoy a day or weekend on our ATVs, side by sides, or even with one of our campers.

Corporate Membership

If you are looking for a unique way to entertain employees or clients, provide sales incentives, or bring your team closer together, consider a Fractional Toys corporate membership. Whether you are a small, start-up company or a large corporation, our package options can fit your company’s needs.

  • Reward top earners. Recognize your employees for their hard work; help motivate them and even retain new team members. Give them the gift of a fun-filled family day with the toy of their choice.
  • Woo or entertain clients. Hold your next meeting or get together at the lake with a corporate membership. An afternoon on a boat or in an ice fishing house can help you close a deal, make a sale, or build a relationship.
  • Thank partners and vendors. Let your partners know how valuable they are you your business. Send key partners on an exciting outdoor adventure, or hold an appreciation event on one of the Fractional Toys boats.
  • Hold memorable team-building activities. Make your next team building activity shine. Instead of clich√© “getting to know you” games, facilitate real communication and cooperation by bringing your staff on a fun boat getaway party or team outing at the marina.

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Following every rental and return, our recreational toys are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure they are in top shape before their next uses. No matter how you choose to use your points, the experts at Fractional Toys will provide exceptional expertise and knowledge the best for even the most beginner recreational vehicle users. Contact us at (651) 340-0937 (Oakdale), (763) 406-2488 (Rogers) or fill out our Membership Inquiry form to get your membership process started.

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