Insurance Option 1

You may choose to obtain an insurance binder or endorsement from your existing auto insurance company (Farmer’s, AAA, State Farm, etc). Should you choose this option, you will need to call our office at (651) 340-0937 so our experts can provide you with the necessary paperwork to pass on to your insurance agent. Keep in mind, your insurance should include comprehensive, collision, and liability and, therefore must be full coverage.

Insurance Option 2

You may purchase insurance through MBA Choice Insurance.


  1. Visit
  2. Enter our policy number 302236, then click the box to verify us as your dealer
  3. Enter dates of travel – this is the day the unit leaves Fractional Toys lot and the day it returns to Fractional Toys lot.
  4. Enter the 6 digits of the VIN, provided to you from Fractional Toys
  5. Read through and accept SLI and PEI coverage
  6. Enter contact information (Fractional Toys can add additional driver’s names to the rental reservation form) and click next step.
  7. Click the box to accept Terms and Conditions, enter credit card information and click next steps
  8. Print and sign the Certificate of Insurance. A copy is emailed to Fractional Toys, but please bring your signed copy in during your reservation pickup time.

During the purchase process of your MBA Choice insurance, you will be given the option to purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI). This will increase the third party liability protection coverage to a maximum of $1,000,000.

Please note that personal items are not covered under the Fractional Toys insurance policy, meaning, we are not liable for any personal belongings while you are renting the camper or motorhome. We recommend you secure your valuables or do not bring them along.

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MBA Insurance has been specializing in motorhome insurance for roughly 40 years. If you have questions regarding insurance through MBA Choice Insurance, or if you would like more information about how your personal insurance policy will cover renting with Fractional Toys, Contact us today!

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