When it comes to RV rentals, the sky’s the limit in terms of destination. Whether you want to embark on a cross-country trek and take photos at all of America’s best landmarks or hunker down somewhere a little closer to home, they’re the perfect avenue. But all the possibilities can get overwhelming—namely, where to park the thing!

From a legal and safety standpoint, we’ve already covered camper rentals and parking; check it out on our motorhome rental blog. Even those options, though, might not narrow it down enough. What’s the best destination from a recreational standpoint: a campground, casino, or RV Park?

Long story short: everyone will have their own preferences—and that includes folks who have limited experience RVing. To help you avoid a potential vacation flop, Fractional Toys discusses below the benefits and drawbacks of each site, as well as if each one might be right for you.


Big, flashy, and a whole lot to handle, casinos are the quintessential cliche RV getaway—but they have their fair share of perks, so is it any wonder? For instance, many spaces have free overnight parking, which can occasionally extend into multiple days. That’s not a hard-and-fast rule, though, so be sure to call ahead of time to avoid any surprise fees.

Casinos often, though not always, are located in thickly populated urban areas. While some outdoorsy folks might not find this to their liking, it does mean that other forms of entertainment are fairly easy to access. To get a taste of what we’re talking about, check out this article from RVLife that discusses a few high-profile destinations.

Casinos themselves also offer quite a bit in the name of entertainment via live musical performances, food and drink, and, of course, gambling. You’ll have no shortage of things to do!

Are Casinos Right for my Camper Rental Trip?

If you’re looking for a fast-paced vacation that’s jam-packed full of fun stuff to do, then look no further. You can plan out what you’re going to do each day or play it by ear—it’s up to you and your style. Regardless, investing in an RV rental for your casino trip is an affordable and comfy alternative to what’s traditional: staying in a hotel nearby. These hotels often are pricey given their convenient location, and the constant noise can easily get on your nerves. Not so with your own personal getaway!


Ready to rough it, but still want the comforts of home? A campground provides a happy medium between the two. Though many are relatively remote and feature some gorgeous natural views, modern-day campsites sometimes feature power outlets and even an Internet connection. Busy working professionals take note!

What they lack in convenience—you might need to drive quite a ways before you find a spot to stock up on food—campgrounds more than make up for in natural beauty. What’s more of a getaway than getting back to nature with a nice, long hike? They also tend to be highly social areas, wherein you’ll meet like-minded outdoorsy folks who are more than happy to share a chat and a meal around the campfire.

Are Campgrounds Right for my Camper Rental Trip?

If you seek a quieter, more laid-back sort of vacation where you can get away from the urban rush, then going to a campground might be perfect for you. Though these vacations, like we said, can lean more towards the social side, they also can be introverted if you so choose, especially with the help of a motorhome rental.

If you’re more of a planner, you may also find this sort of destination to your liking, as convenience as far as supplies goes  might not be a given here (though it is a given at Fractional Toys).

RV Parks

Also known as camping resorts, these run the gamut from remote to right up next to a casino, so the vacation style they cater to is equally as varied. One thing that all RV parks have in common: they specifically are geared towards motorhome campers. Many have all the water, electricity, and waste-dumping facilities you’d expect out of such a space, but some only offer electricity. Still others, according to Campendium, “ offer not only full hookups but amenities such as workout rooms, manicured lawns, hiking trails, {and} a bar or restaurant.”

Are RV Parks Right for my Camper Rental Trip?

Because they’re so varied in the scope of amenities they provide and their remoteness, RV parks as a category can suit a wide variety of campers—you’ll just need to find the right one. They’re also great spaces for new RVers, as they tend to take care of a lot of the basic necessities such as running water and power. Just be sure to look into what’s provided ahead of time, as not all RV parks offer the same perks.

Fractional Toys: Recreational Rentals for All Vacationing Styles

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