Football is just getting underway across the nation. There are legions of Big 10 fans across Minneapolis who live for Saturdays. As the season heats, you may be looking for the next big thing to bring your friends and family together.


Fractional Toys has precisely what you’re looking for. We now offer our Game Day trailer for football fans, as well as those celebrating special occasions or social events. Forget tailgating. This is trailgating at its finest. Our Game Day trailer is large enough to accommodate several guests while providing all the necessary amenities for the big day.


Some of the perks include:

A Kitchen

The kitchen in our Game Day trailer is loaded with all the equipment and appliances you need to feed the fans. Our kitchen includes (but not limited to):


●        Four-door refrigerator / freezer

●        Microwave

●        All-aluminum storage

●        A food serving area

●        Accommodations for kitchen tools and supplies

Big Screen TVs

You can either go to stuffy, smoky, loud bar, where you have to squint at the TV, or you can get a recreational rental, take your trailer wherever you want, and enjoy not one, but three big screen TVs.


The trailer offers two 50” TVs and an additional 70” TV, all big enough for your crowd to gather around. These are high-definition TVs that can be viewed outside with no problem.

Two Bar Areas

Stock your bar, because you’ll want to have plenty of drinks for all your guests. The bar comes with an Aluminum door that opens up and allows you to go into the trailer. We can also provide bar stools at your request.


And the best thing about having a trailer is that you can park in a safe place and stay there rather than worrying about your friends walking out of the bar before they’ve sobered up.

Men’s and Women’s Bathrooms

You heard that right. The Game Day trailer comes complete with men’s and women’s bathrooms conveniently located in the back of the facility complete with commodes, sinks, and overhead storage areas.


Rather than waiting forever for the line to go down at a restaurant or bar, you can enjoy the convenience of a restroom no matter where you park the trailer.

Light Enough to Tow

The Fractional Toys Game Day trailer is constructed entirely of all-aluminum and metal composites. It’s one of the most light-weight trailers anywhere on the market. That means you can tow behind your truck or SUV.


It also gives you the flexibility to take the trailer anywhere you want: Your neighborhood, city park, camping area, stadium parking lot...wherever you want to go.

A Trailer Made for All Events

If football is not your thing, then a recreational rental is perfect for all occasions. Plan a movie night for your friends, celebrate a birthday, or wow your employees at the next corporate event. Our Game Day trailer is flexible for you to use for all types of occasions.

Let Us Do All The Work

Let’s be honest: planning for a big tailgate can be stressful. Sometimes, all you want to do is show up and have a good time. At Fractional Toys, we can take care of all the planning for you. That’s right! We can deliver to game day trailer to any location of your choosing, set it up, organize catering, and more. All you have to do is show up, root for your team, and have a great time!

Rent Your Game Day Trailer From Fractional Toys

Fractional Toys carries a wide selection of recreational vehicles for both relaxing and extreme adventures. You can rent a snowmobile, RV, ATV, boat, ice house, or Game Day trailer. We provide plenty of fun for vacationers in Minneapolis.


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