With four distinct seasons, Minnesota and Wisconsin are recognized as offering some of the most diverse outdoor experiences nationwide. From boating more than 10,000 lakes and rivers to setting up camp in the wilderness, or cruising the backwoods on a motorized all-terrain vehicle, there’s no shortage of things to do when the weather is right.


Boat clubs have risen tremendously in popularity in recent years, giving people the ability to enjoy the pristine lakes and rivers around them without all the fuss of boat ownership. However, with great demand comes challenges, including limited advanced reservation scheduling and availability, as well as unpredictable weather. When the weather chooses not to cooperate, boat rental club activity is halted until the skies part.


Not at Fractional Toys, however… The phrase “boat club on steroids” or “everything outdoors club” comes to mind with our company’s growing fleet of camping and powersports equipment. With our new headquarters in St. Paul, MN and additional new location in the North metro this spring, Fractional Toys’ fleet of campers, motorhomes, ATVs, and slide-by-sides gives members and rental customers something to do year-round and in virtually any weather condition.


How it Works:

●        Rent by the day, weekend, or extend your trip to a week or more. Fractional Toys is your outdoor concierge for fun and will help plan a memorable trip for individuals, families, and corporate retreats. Explore our rental fleet.

●        For outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience MORE, Fractional Toys offers multiple individual and corporate membership packages geared toward providing 4 seasons of fun with shared access and numerous perks, including early pickup, late drop-off, and much more. A Fractional Toys membership offers all the fun at a fraction of the cost – and, most importantly, without storage and maintenance hassles. Learn more about membership packages.

●        If you determine that owning a camper, boat, or other recreational equipment better suits your lifestyle, we’re here to help with that, too. Sometimes it makes sense to buy, and we’re happy to accept offers on our equipment or steer you to a dealer who will treat you right.


By providing members and rental customers with access to boats, campers, powersports toys, and so much more, local weather becomes less of a factor, and customers are able to experience activities they may not have otherwise tried.


Demand for any particular vehicle is also spread out across the entire fleet, so while some people may opt for a pontoon or fishing boat, others are heading out camping or for an ATV ride. Conversely, in the winter, if there’s no snow for riding sleds, an ice house is a great alternative for a weekend trip with family and friends.


Contact Fractional Toys for all your 2019 camping, fishing, boating, powersports toy and trailer rental needs. Whether you’re looking for a weekend or weekly rental, or full access to a fleet of outdoor toys all year round, Fractional Toys has something for every outdoor enthusiast.


Visit the Fractional Toys website for more information about rentals, memberships, and more.


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