You’re cruising along the trails on your recreational rental, having a blast, when suddenly the engine begins to sputter and flag. You might think, “That’s funny... I rented from Fractional Toys. Mechanical trouble is impossible.


As your machine slows further, you look down and your heart sinks. You’re stuck! Not just kind-of-sort-of stuck, either – the type of stuck that makes for a real problem and can really ruin your ride. How do you fix this, and is there any way to prevent this in the future?


Assuming you’re reading this before you head out, relax. Fractional Toys is here to support you. Our vehicles are, as we implied above, impeccably maintained, and with their supreme maneuverability and handling you’d be hard-pressed to find ATV rentals, side-by-side rentals, or snowmobile rentals that can get you unstuck quicker.


However, knowledge also has that power too. Let’s talk about getting yourself out of a rut on the trails, as well as how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Getting your ATV, side by side, or snowmobile stuck sucks up valuable riding time and can really ruin your day, not to mention put undue strain on your vehicle. Therefore, it’s best to stop it from happening in the first place.


As a recreational rentals company, we understand accidents happen (more on that later), but preventing those accidents is the best way to make sure your ride goes seamlessly.

●      Stick to trails you feel absolutely at ease with.

You’re far less likely to encounter sticky patches you know you can’t handle if you stick to places you know you can. Of course, it always pays to be prepared for the unexpected when riding, as weather can throw a wrench in the work, but generally speaking, trail difficulty levels can be relied upon.

●      Keep a steady pace.

This is especially true if the terrain is all-around dodgy. Alternating quickly between speeds is a good way to spin your recreational rental’s wheels and create ruts that are perfect for getting stuck in.

Of course, we aren’t saying you should whip through terrain at a breakneck speed. Good luck getting traction! We’re also not advocating a too-slow speed, as this gives your recreational rental more time to sink down. Feel things out and don’t push it.

●      Ride with a friend.

Two (or more) pairs of eyes are better than one. It’s true! With the help of a buddy, you can more easily spot trail hazards and watch one another’s backs. Plus, with your combined experience and knowledge, you’ll both be safer.


Simple, common-sense measures can help keep you and your vehicle from becoming sitting ducks. Don’t forget, though, that a powerful, whip-sharp, maneuverable and well-maintained vehicle is also a major asset. It’s exactly why Fractional Toys is your obvious choice for ATV rentals, snowmobile rentals, side-by-side rentals and more. Our fleet fits the bill perfectly!

What To Do If You Actually Get Stuck

First of all: Don’t panic!


Easier said than done, of course, but remember that there are tried-and-true methods of getting out of this pitfall. These methods are often vehicle-and-terrain specific, so bring your questions to Fractional Toys, and we’ll answer them before you head out. We want to make sure that your ride goes swimmingly, so let us know if you plan to tackle any sloppy terrain. We’ll point you in the right direction and find the perfect recreational rental for you.


If you happen to find yourself stuck, though, here are a few rules of thumb:

●      Try not to spin your wheels or tracks.

Doing so can create an even bigger rut and make the problem worse. In other words, the way to get unstuck usually isn’t to floor it and hope for the best – it’s finesse, nuance, and smart maneuvering.

●      Get help from your friends.

This is another reason why you should bring buddies on your riding trips. One person versus a stuck machine probably can’t do much in many cases. The more minds and manpower you have on your side, the better.


However, this doesn’t always apply to snowmobiles stuck in the snow, as too many people coming up a hill to assist one of their stuck brethren can trigger an avalanche.

●      Think things through before trying them.

We know this is a stressful situation, but you need to consider all of the possible consequences of your attempts to get your vehicle to safety – if they’ll work, where your vehicle will end up afterwards, if anyone could be injured in the process, if you’re blocking the trail, etc. Keeping a cool and thoughtful head is crucial. 

Rent the Most Maneuverable ATVs & Snowmobiles Around

Our rental fleet features beginner-friendly, fastidiously maintained vehicles. Top that off with some of the best service around when it comes to recreational rentals and you’ll be ready to handle anything nature throws at you!


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