If you’re like many people in Minnesota, you love the thrill of jetting across the snow or ice on a snowmobile. You can rent snowmobiles from Fractional Toys for a day trip through the woods, or as a vehicle for hunting and fishing excursions. No matter what you use your snowmobile for, it is vital that you practice proper safety whether you’re a driver or a passenger. Below, we provide these common sense safety tips that will make your trip both fun and memorable.


Keep the Machine in Excellent Condition

We routinely maintenance our entire line of snowmobiles to ensure they are hassle-free and safe to use. Once you take our vehicles for a ride, however, the ball is in your court to take care of the machines. If you abuse them, they may break down, or worse, malfunction at high speeds. If you have any questions on how to properly use the machines, let us know.


Wear Protective Gear

This is one of the most fundamental safety rules when using any high-speed equipment. While utilizing a snowmobile always wear rugged insulated booths, a sturdy helmet, thick gloves, and standard-issue eye protection. Snowmobile gear can keep you from sustaining scratches, bruises, or injury.


Always Ride in Groups

You should never go into the woods or on the ice with a snowmobile alone. If an accident occurs and you become injured, you may have no way of getting help. We recommend that all snowmobile rentals include at least two or more people who ride out at the same time. You should also take your cell phones or another form of communication every time you go out.


If You Ride on a Lake

Riding a snowmobile on a lake is never the best scenario. If you do, however, you should practice extra caution. For instance, never operate multiple snowmobiles in a straight line. Make sure you know the conditions of the ice before traveling the lake. Know what the total weight of your snowmobile includes all passengers and cargo.


Watch Your Speed

A snowmobile is like any other vehicle. The faster you drive, the less control of the machine you’ll have in the event of an accident. Since snow is naturally slick, your ability to control the snowmobile becomes more difficult. Thus, you shouldn’t drive faster than what is necessary. The point of your excursion is to enjoy the ride, so slow down and take in the scenery. There’s no hurry.


Fractional Toys is Your Ticket to Snowmobile Rentals

Are you looking for something more unique to do this winter? Then rent a snowmobile from Fractional Toys. We provide a wide range of snowmobiles for all types of uses. Our snowmobiles are dependable and can provide you with hours and days of fun. To schedule a rental, call us at 651-340-0937, or you can message us at Rick@FractionalToys.com. We offer snowmobile rentals in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.