Congratulations on booking your first RV rental!

It’s going to be an incredible adventure, and whether you’ve booked a motorhome (drivable vehicle) or camper (tow-behind), knowing what to pack will not only ensure you don’t forget any essentials but also cut down on the items you may otherwise pack but not actually need.

Most RV rentals include everything you’ll need to run the RV itself, but nothing extra. These items typically include one or two propane tanks, wheel chocks, a level, and a power cord and adapter, as well as fresh water and sewer hoses.

Remember to pack the following items, and you’ll be set for an RV trip to remember!

Linens & Towels

Most RV rentals do not include bedding and towels, so unless the rental listing indicates that these items are supplied, plan on packing bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and hand and shower towels for your trip.

If you don’t have extra sheets, some RV rental companies, including Fractional Toys, offer both new and freshly washed bedsheets and towels for an additional charge.

Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen items, including cookware, plates, silverware, serving dishes, and appliances that you should pack, will vary depending on your menu and destination. Again, since most RV rentals do not include these items, plan on packing a tote full of everything you may need to cook what’s on the menu.

As a word of caution: don’t overdo it. You’re camping after all, so unless it’s somebody’s birthday, hauling everything you need to bake a cake may be overkill.

A coffee maker, on the other hand, is something most people cherish, and a small Keurig is all most people will need.

Miscellaneous RV Camping Items

A few other items that often get forgotten on an RV vacation include items like garbage and food storage bags, hand and dish soap, a sponge, and a camp mat. 

Got Power?

If your campsite doesn’t offer 30 amp power, you’ll also need to rent or purchase a generator to ensure the lights, refrigerator, and other electrical appliances all run properly throughout your rental. A 2000 watt generator will keep the onboard battery charged and run small appliances but will NOT run an air conditioner.

To reduce the chance of surprises and keep you cool on hot summer days, a 4000 watt or larger generator is ideal. Be sure to bring a few cans of fuel as well, as the generator tanks typically only run 6-8 hours before requiring a refill. 

With two convenient Twin Cities metro locations in Coon Rapids and Oakdale, Minnesota, Fractional Toys offers a large selection of campers and motorhomes for weekend, weekly, and long-term rental as well as linen, kitchen, and outdoor convenience kits for a minimal additional charge. When you’re ready to hit the road, we’ve got everything you need to have a successful adventure!